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Sandra Sweetman Vibrational Medicine

Sandra is an international speaker, seminar leader and vibrational medicine practitioner working with sound and energy psychology modalities. She is the founder of Heart Metta, a heart- based protocol that facilitates deep shifts at the core level and SWEET (Self Wellness Energy Evaluation Technique), a protocol to maintain biofield integrity.

A gifted intuitive with a cosmopolitan background, Sandra’s work as a guide, teacher, and international speaker is a natural outgrowth of her life experiences. Born in Vancouver, Sandra spent her childhood and adolescence in Hong Kong and to this day, remains fluent in Cantonese. From Hong Kong she moved to England and trained as a physiotherapist working with physically and mentally challenged children. In 1976, Sandra returned to Canada and continued her work in physical therapy and began to train in various energy modalities resulting in a shift from physical to subtle energy therapy.

In both her work and her life, Sandra is dedicated to being a catalyst to facilitate a profound, safe space for others to heal through love and grace, to access their inner wisdom and bring joy into their lives. Her sessions are clear and deeply beneficial as she facilitates a powerful space for others to heal the core of their issues through grace and love, providing pathways for opening, higher evolution and transformation.

In addition to her seminars, Sandra provides one-on-one training for healers and coaches and mentorship programs for the general public. A recent addition to her offerings is a six month program for entrepreneurs sharing her expertise in Quantum Business Principles to take their business to the next level with methods that go beyond traditional marketing and promotion. She has lectured at venues internationally, including the ACEP Energy Psychology Conferences in Toronto, Canada, North Carolina, and Georgia, USA, Light Language Conferences, Arkansas, USA, Canadian Dowsers Conference,Toronto, Ontario, Health and the Happiness Festivals, Kuala Lumpur and the ISSEEEM conferences in Kansas City,USA.

Travel restrictions in recent years prompted her to offer more services online which has assisted her to continue to work with her clients worldwide and reach a wider audience.